Art For Sale

This art which is a donation from Tom Jewell is being sold to raise funds for the new Sculpture Garden in Franklin Park. Items will be available at Franklin Park Arts Center until sold. Please come to the Arts Center weekdays between 9 and 5 to purchase the item before someone else does. Payment by cash or check payable to Friends of Franklin Park Arts Center are preferred, and credit cards are also accepted. Please make an offer on the items you want.

The engraved aluminum tray doesn’t have an item number.

F192,  set of Jubilee Cobalt blue rose Bavarian porcelain in various sizes.

F193 is a watercolor bt McGonogle with the quote “Happiness is found in little things”. It is 4″ by 4″.

Item f118 is a metal tray painted with fruit by Eleanor Hazel. It is 24″ x 16″.

Item f121 is a round metal tray with Pennsylvania Dutch design. 7.5″ in diameter.

decorative clay pitcher

Item f131 – Grey and sienna brown in style of Archipenko

small clay mug

Item f155 – Grey and rust outside, orange, brown

bowl for sale

Item f154 – Salt glazed, rust color, brown

pottery jug

Item f127 – Dark brown with grey

Purcellvile art

Item f132 – Grey line at top, black in middle and brown at bottom. Was at Hood College, has following in Frederick & Charlottesville.

art for sale

Item f129 – Mottled olive, yellow, brown.


Item f133 – Grey line at top, black in middle and brown at bottom. Curved coloring.