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Georgia O’Keeffe has summoned an audience to help answer the question, “Was it me or was it Stieglitz?”. We journey with O’Keeffe from 1915 when she tears up her work to date, and starts over in black and white to discover her own style. She revisits key moments in her life to reveal hidden truths, but the shadow of manager and husband Alfred Stieglitz looms heavy over her. Was it his nude photographs of her that enticed the art world to her, or was it her own excellence of craft? Would she have been noticed if he hadn’t exhibited her? Georgia rejects claims by the male dominated art world about what drives her art, but when a Stieglitz affair gets too intense, and a very public commission collapses, her world falls apart. Georgia rallies, determined to survive and paint again, but some difficult decisions must be made. In the end, the truth that lies deep in Georgia’s heart is revealed— and it’s as devastating as it is honest. O’Keeffe! is a revealing drama about the beloved and complex American icon.

A solo actor play presented by Lucinda McDermott with partial funding from Virginia Commission for the Arts.

This is a GOLD STAR performance presented by the Friends of Franklin Park Arts Center.

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