Women With Vision

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About the show

June, 2010

More than a year ago, I talked with the Executive Director of Virginians for the Arts about a new concept about to launch statewide:

Minds Wide Open 2010MINDS WIDE OPEN:
Virginia Celebrates Women in the Arts
is the first statewide celebration of its kind. Between March and June of 2010, thousands of special events will occur to honor contributions by women to arts and culture.

The challenge was daunting; how do you truly capture the contributions of women to Loudoun's arts and culture? There are so many women to highlight, in so many spheres of influence: artistic, political, civic, economic- the list goes on and on. The concept for our support of Minds Wide Open is Women with Vision. This art exhibition was designed to be consistent with our mission; focusing on the artistic and civic contributions of women artists in Loudoun.

Now we had to select the artists. We knew what we were looking for: women whose talents crossed multiple artistic disciplines and helped contribute to the growth of the arts in Loudoun. We feel fortunate to have the participation of the seven artists represented in our gallery today.* We believe that each of our Women with Vision artists bring a unique set of talents and contributions worth exploring.

Clearly, our artists communicate most effectively through their work, which is represented here today in as many formats as the artwork itself. We think you'll find that our artists provided surprising and candid work for the exhibit. Additionally, we asked our artists to provide a written philosophy of how they view and approach their work. In fact, the written philosophies provide a perfect reminder that we have three generations of artists on display. Each philosophy is a written snapshot of the individual artist's personality, ranging in length from 1500 words to as few as 14 (courtesy of our two youngest artists).

As you learn more about each of the artists in Women with Vision, I hope you will think about the impact of women artists in your life, in your community and their collective impact on your own sense of personal creative power. Enjoy your exploration.

Jeffrey Stern

Manager, Franklin Park Arts Center

* Didn't get a chance to see the exhibit in the gallery? We have a brief tour on our flicker site.